I bet you didn't think that drinking wine could get any better. Think again! On the Rocks introduces an absolutely stunning accessory to any bar or bottle. The stoppers have a large agate slice approximately 3-3.5 inches on acrylic base. They are a great birthday gift and can also fit various liquor bottles based on the size of the bottle opening. You can write on them with a chalk marker and it will wipe off!  Write a birthday message, the date the bottle was opened or wine category for a tasting party.

Wine Stopper- single

  • Acrylic material is super easy to maintain.  Simply hand wash in warm water using liquid soap, rinse and then pat dry. That's it! No scrubbing, no scouring no abrasive cleaning agents or solvents required. The stones are natural and therefore do not need special treatment.  They are tough as nails!